OCVRP Background and Goals

×Due to overwhelming demand and limited funding, rebates were suspended on May 1, 2023. Any vehicles purchased or leased on or after May 1, 2023 are not eligible to apply for the rebate. The program anticipates reopening in spring 2024. Low- and moderate-income households can prequalify for the $5,000 Charge Ahead rebate by completing the application now at https://apps.oregon.gov/DEQ/Voucher/apply.

Program Overview

The Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program (OCVRP) offers rebates to qualified Oregon residents, businesses, nonprofits and government agencies who purchase or lease eligible zero-emission vehicles. It is not a tax credit. DEQ designed the Program to reduce vehicle emissions by encouraging the purchase or lease of electric vehicles instead of gas vehicles. There are two (2) rebates offered through OCVRP: Standard Rebate and Charge Ahead Rebate.

Funding for OCVRP has been exhausted, but applications for eligible vehicles purchased or leased prior to May 1, 2023 are still being accepted and placed on a rebate waitlist. Applicants have six months from their date of purchase or lease to apply for a rebate.

At this time, we anticipate reopening in March 2024, when funding is replenished.  The OCVRP website will be updated when the program receives funding, so please continue to check the website homepage for program updates.

Qualified applicants on the rebate waitlist will receive payment when the program receives more funding from the State of Oregon. 

The Standard Rebate

The Standard Rebate provides up to $2,500 toward the purchase or lease of new, eligible zero-emission vehicles.

  • Oregon Residents can apply for the Standard Rebate at point of sale at a participating dealership or apply post-purchase using the online application.
  • Oregon business, nonprofits and government agencies can only apply post-purchase. Standard Rebates for businesses, nonprofits and government agencies are not offered at point of sale. To apply after taking possession of the vehicle, please complete the post-purchase rebate application.

The Charge Ahead Rebate

The Charge Ahead Rebate provides low- to moderate-income households and low-income service providers a $5,000 rebate toward the purchase or lease of eligible new or used zero-emission vehicles. To see if you meet the income requirements for your area, please use the Income Eligibility Calculator.

  • Oregon Residents are now able to have the Charge Ahead Rebate applied at point of sale at a participating dealership for new vehicles or can apply for a Charge Ahead Rebate post-purchase using the paper application form. Low-income service providers can only apply for Charge Ahead through the rebate paper application form.
    • Please note: To apply the Charge Ahead rebate at the point of sale, applicants must qualify by being enrolled in an income qualifying program or by having their income verified to ensure it meets the Charge Ahead requirements and receive a Charge Ahead Prequalification Voucher. Applicants apply for prequalification using the online Charge Ahead Prequalification application form.
  • The Charge Ahead Rebate can be combined with the Standard Rebate for a total of up to $7,500 when an eligible Applicant purchases or leases a new vehicle that qualifies for a rebate under both programs.

ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS Oregon residents, businesses, nonprofits & government agencies Oregon residents, low-income service providers
QUALIFYING VEHICLES New battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle New or used battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles
REBATE AMOUNT $750 for zero-emission motorcycles
$1,500 for battery under 10 kWh
$2,500 for battery 10 kWh or more
INCOME REQUIREMENT No income requirement Up to 400% of the federal poverty guideline

Program Goals

The Program is designed to encourage adoption of zero-emission vehicles, reduce vehicle emissions and air pollution from gas vehicles, and advance progress toward the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

The Program supports Oregon’s EV strategy. Learn more by visiting goelectric.oregon.gov.

Program Background

On August 18, 2017, Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 2017, which, among many other transportation investments, established a program to provide rebates to Oregonians who purchase or lease eligible zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs). The Program was designed by the Oregon Legislature to encourage higher adoption of ZEVs, reduce air pollution and advance progress toward the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

In December 2018, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) began issuing Standard Rebates. In 2019, DEQ selected the Center for Sustainability (CSE) via a competitive DEQ grant solicitation to administer and implement the Program. CSE began issuing Standard and Charge Ahead rebates in 2020. Participation in the program has steadily grown since its inception. Rebate availability is dependent on program funding at the time of vehicle purchase or lease.

Funding for the Program is generated from a tax imposed on car dealers for “the privilege of engaging in the business of selling taxable motor vehicles at retail in this state.” DEQ receives 45% of this tax or at least $12 million per year for the program. The program does not have a sunset date.