Dealership Training Materials

×Funding for OCVRP has been exhausted and a waitlist is in effect for all applications. Qualified applicants who purchased an eligible vehicle prior to May 1, 2023, will receive payment when the program receives more funding in 2024.
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How to Submit Rebate Applications

To provide the rebates as “cash on the hood,” you will need: 

  • A signed and completed Rebate Application form for each Applicant.
  • Proof of temporary or permanent Oregon vehicle registration.
  • Copy of the sales or lease contract.
  • Proof of Oregon residency (e.g., Oregon driver’s license).
  • A signed Rebate Assignment Form.

Helpful Flyers and Tools

We understand that not all your sales staff are familiar with electric vehicles. We’re here to help explain both the benefits of the vehicles as well as the rebates.

To learn more about the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program watch this brief webinar:

Driving Electric

Driving Electric – An overview of electric cars, how they work, why they matter and what they have in common with traditional cars.

Charge Your Ride

Charge Your Ride – An overview on how electric vehicle charging works, and where and how it’s done.